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« wood clusters », room-dividers to make a design statement

A true work of art, a wood-cluster is a skilful assembly of carved wood bricks, embellished with stonework, soft lighting or shelf highlights… A functional room-divider becomes a prominent artistic feature, an eye-catching organic centrepiece that works well whatever your style, contemporary or traditional. A wood-cluster screen adds a chic and subtle rustic touch to your interior : the silvery grain of the spruce, its fine even texture, blend in sensuous harmony with the faint sappy fragrance of softwood.

Wood clusters are designed to adapt to your interior decoration. As functional as they are aesthetic, wood cluster screens redefine space whilst filtering light through their network of interlocking blocks. Practical separating partitions, they also add sculptural presence, generating a feeling of strength and protection. Used as a main feature, they add artistic and architectural value to your home or office.

Flexible and versatile

The interlocking structure of the wood chunks (clusters) adds versatility and flexibility to your screen, adapting its form on a horizontal plane to shape your space. Each room-divider is custom-designed and made-to-measure to the length and height you require.

Adding style

To the home : space creation with an artistic touch in any room of the house...

To the workplace : aesthetic partitioning in restaurants, space definition in reception areas, creation of a sense of privacy in hotel lobbies, decorative wall panels…
Wood clusters are made-to-order only.