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« wood clusters » technical information

The components of a « wood cluster » screen are specially conceived and assembled according to each individual project.

Units – Cluster

The bricks are entirely prepared, decorated and customized in our spaces&clusters® workshop in Val d’Isère. Each unit is made of engineered Spruce wood to ensure maximum stability over time.
The screen is assembled by slotting the clusters together. They are held firmly in place by the presence of a stainless steel cable.

The « wood-clusters » screen

Depending upon the project, the screen can take on any form, be it curved or angular, and be made to the required measurements. We also offer a standard size, 270m long and 185cm high, which meets the individual or professional demands of most of our clients. For extra stability, in busy or public places for example, the screen may be fixed to ceiling cables with the help of a few rings placed at the top of the walls. The whole structure is straightforward to assemble and dismantle, meaning that it is easy to transport.


  • Length of the standard partition : 2750 mm (108,27'')
  • Height of the standard partition : 1850 mm (72,83'') w/o screw eyes
  • Depth of the standard partition : 110 mm (4,33'')
  • Opacity : 69% Transparence : 31 %
  • Colour : natural Spruce
  • 0.8cm (0,31'') diameter stainless steel cables
  • Assembly diagrams

Wood block dimensions and characteristics :

  • Weight : 1,4 kg
  • With : 350 mm (13,78'')
  • Depth : 110 mm (4,33'')
  • Height : 110 mm (4,33'')